13 Years of Shepherd School Concert Programs Now Online

More than 2,300 recital and concert programs of Shepherd School performances are now available online in the Rice Digital Scholarship Archive.

A collaborative project encompassing several of Fondren’s departments, the digitized pamphlets cover 13 years of performances presented by the Shepherd School of Music, dating from 1983 until the Spring of 1996. Having reached this project milestone, the library will continue work on Shepherd School programs dating from the Fall of 1996 onward.

Shepherd 3    Shepherd 2
Shepherd 1
The Rice Digital Scholarship Archive is the repository of the university’s intellectual output. Most materials come from Rice faculty research, electronic theses and dissertations, and digitized collections of rare or unique books, images, and manuscripts. Along with the Shepherd programs, the Archive also contains the audio from approximately 340 Shepherd School concerts and recitals, ranging from 1975 to 1983. —Originally posted as http://libstaff.blogs.rice.edu/2015/10/29/13-years-of-shepherd-school-concert-programs-now-online/


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