The Brown Fine Arts Library in Houston, Texas,  is located on the third floor of the Fondren Library at Rice University and consists of art, architecture, classical archaeology and music materials.    The focus of the music collection is on music from the western classical tradition, with holdings in western popular genres such as jazz, blues and gospel and folk.  Music from nonwestern traditions are also represented.  Archival holdings include a collection of autograph scores and first editions of the composer Francis Poulenc, early printed editions of classical scores and treatises on music, and microfilm collections of music manuscripts and other materials.  All media and periods of art and architectural history are represented, with a particular emphasis on western European and American art and architecture; art and archaeology of Greco-Roman world; Islamic art and architecture; Chinese and Japanese art and architecture; and 20-21st century art and architecture of Brazil and of Latin America in general.  A special collection of livres d’artistes is housed in the Fondren Library’s Woodson Research Center, and a collection of facsimiles of medieval illuminated manuscripts is housed in the off-campus Library Service Center.


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