Common Practice 21C: Classical, Contemporary, and Cross-Cultural Music – March 13-15



Anne-Sophie Mutter and the Mutter Virtuosi Live at Carnegie Hall, November 18 8:00pm eastern time on MediciTV

TRIAL: Metropolitan Opera on Demand – Student Edition


Trial access:

Trial end date: August 31, 2013


Image We’ve purchased a Yamaha keyboard for times when you’d like to play through the music before checking it out.  The keyboard is in room 332 on the map below–ask for they key and a set of headphones at the first floor circulation desk!Image

Tonight, in the Kyle Morrow Room, Music From Fondren Presents….

The Shepherd School’s Noctua Quintet

Playing Wind Quintets by Barber and Harbison


Short Course Feb 14: Using DMC Audio Recording Devices to Record High Quality Audio

February 14, 1-3 pm in the DMC classroom, Herring 129.  For more information call x3635 or see

Need help figuring out which audio equipment to use? Want to learn audio recording techniques for recording narrations, interviews, or performances? The DMC has different type of recording devices for free checkout, including dynamic mics, wireless mics, USB mic, audio mixer, Edirol R09HR recorders and Zoom H4n recorders. Come to explore these audio recording devices and learn how to choose the right tools for an audio recording project. We will also cover the basic audio recording techniques, such as microphone positioning, recording mode set-up, recording level adjustment and much more.

The Music Librarian Has Moved…..


I’m in the Reference Office now–see the big red star?